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Welcome to 'Traveller's Tales', a travel community sharing stories from around the network. During 2018, we're celebrating 58 years helping travellers reach their favourite places. THAI flies 39 times a week to Thailand with easy connections to over 70 cities worldwide. We're also celebrating those unforgettable experiences that come from exploring the world and looking for people who love to share their adventures to inspire others. Email us if you'd like to blog about your favourite place.  www.thaiairways.com
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Ubein Sunset
Ewen Bell - 1 Dec 2016
Ubein Sunset / Mandalay Ewen Bell Stepping into the cultural charms of Myanmar is made even easi... read more
Here's cheers for Oktoberfest
Roderick Eime - 20 Apr 2015
If you thought patrons at this year's Oktoberfest in Munich were pretty good at tossing down ... read more
The Ainu: Before the Rising Sun
Roderick Eime - 24 Mar 2015
“One hundred thousand years before the Children of the Sun walked this land, the Ainu... read more
Moscow's Secret Bunker Unearthed
Roderick Eime - 15 Feb 2015
 as told to me by David Ellis  DOOMSAYERS who get a kick out of reckoning the end ... read more
  "On the road to Mandalay, Where the flyin'-fishes play, An' the dawn comes up like th... read more
Sun shines on the Rainbow Nation
Roderick Eime - 6 Jul 2014
Young South African women enjoy treats at the Neighbourgoods Market Johannesburg (Roderick Eim... read more
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