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Brisbane is a dynamic city powering along in the 21st century. The centre of the fastest growing area in Australia, Brisbane has something for everyone. Some believe it is the friendly, sub-tropical climate that gives Brisbane its unique character, something that is evident in the relaxed, sophisticated attitude of many of its residents. This, however, was not always the case. Brisbane has come a long way from humble beginnings to become the dynamic and diverse metropolis it is today. Nestled in the south-east corner of Queensland, Australia’s second-largest state, Brisbane is close to nature. In fact, nature is right at the heart of the city. Roma Street Parklands, an oasis offering a wonderland of flora, including the famous Spectacle Garden, is only a short walk from the city centre. Brisbane’s wide, serpentine river functions as a recreation and transport system, allowing passengers on the speedy City Cat ferries to admire the CBD’s ever-changing skyline of gleaming modern architecture. The Brisbane river meets beautiful Moreton Bay; dotted with islands it is ideal for sailing, fishing or a spot of relaxation on its beautiful beaches. Brisbane boasts a strong emphasis on the performing arts, with several venues for drama and music. The Brisbane Powerhouse, installed in a former electricity powerhouse, offers several venues for contemporary performance. As there is so much to see and do in this sunny and vibrant city, consider making Brisbane a holiday destination or a base for exploring its surrounding natural wonders.

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