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Toilet Fetish
By Anita McSkimming
26 October 2011

Joe Louis Thai Restaurant, a beautiful dome shaped restaurant, originating from a Bangkok Puppet Dining Theatre, is located in Jungceylon shopping mall in Patong. I first came across this culinary gem last year when I travelled to Phuket with my family. My 7 year old daughter has had a fetish for toilets in foreign countries since the day she was potty trained. We can’t go anywhere on holiday without doing a toilet inspection. Has anyone written a book about toilet stops abroad? Maybe I should be taking notes, this could be a best seller….”Toilets Flushed By a Child” or maybe “Worldwide Potty Time”. You're probably wondering where this is going, well we ended up coming across Joe Louis on one of our toilet finding missions….there is a God!


The restaurant specializes in Thai Cuisine, not too spicy, great for all the family. It is a themed restaurant in that it has puppets originally used in the multi-award-winning Joe Louis Puppet Theatre in Bangkok on display. The high domed ceiling is a striking blue colour and together with the mood lighting gives you the illusion of dining underneath the stars. Most surprising is the affordable prices. You can get a main meal for THB200 (AUD6.25).




I made a 2nd visit this year, this time with a group of colleagues. The food was superb. The service we received was fantastic. They even offered to split the bill for the seven of us. Try asking a restaurant in Perth to do that with a smile…not going to happen. I have since found out that their specialty dishes are Tom Yam and Pad Thai, however I don’t think there would be any disappointments on their menu. So for anyone out there wanting an inexpensive, authentic Thai meal with atmosphere and English-speaking staff, this is the place to go...and yes, the toilets are magnifico!


More information : www.joelouisthairestaurant.com/


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