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Hong Kong with Kids
By Lisa Evans
23 May 2012

Hong Kong has a lot to offer and is also a great destination for travelling with kids.

On a recent trip to Hong Kong we visited the well branded theme park (Disneyland) and then also decided to visit Ocean Park. Celebrating 35 years, Ocean Park is easily accessible by public transport and the bus stops right at the entrance. The park is enormous and contains a large aquarium, zoo and amusement park. With so much to see and do it would be hard to experience the entire park in one day. Unfortunately though, the day we chose to go it was raining and there was a big electrical storm. For many theme parks I guess this would mean the end of you day – but not at Ocean Park.
Although several rides were not able to operate we were still able to experience many sections of the park. The “Grand Aquarium” is enormous and the best we have experienced anywhere in the world. We also spent time in the “Amazing Asian Animals” and “Old Hong Kong” which we really enjoyed.
The highlight of our visit was seeing our first live Pandas.
The new Panda exhibit “Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures” had only just opened in April and was excellent. The enclosure allows you to experience the Pandas in a natural type setting that is very well set out for all to observe. We loved the Pandas and also spent time watching them in the “Giant Panda Adventure”.

Ocean Park is a great day out, affordable and certainly does have something for everyone!

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