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Trams, Trains and Trottibikes
By Suzanne Bowles
27 October 2010

“Trams Trains and Trottibikes”


You know what they say about Swiss precision?  Well, it’s true of their tram system; always on time and so easy to use.  You feel like a local hopping on and off all the time.  See below for a picture of the group I was with at the tram stop.


If you want to travel in comfort in Europe – go by train and use a ‘Eurail Pass’.  I was given that advice years ago and have never looked back.  The trick is to make sure you reserve a seat in advance and then you can enjoy the scenery too!  Sit back and relax with a cuppa, read a book or have a snooze.  Don’t forget to set your alarm to jump off on time.


You will find two classes available, first and second class.  Some trains have dining carts that come around for drinks and snacks, whilst some have a buffet or restaurant car.


One of the most FABULOUS things about train travel is there’s NO luggage restrictions or baggage to check-in.  Which also means… no airports or long check-in queues!  No hire cars and expensive Insurance!  Yeah!  Do yourself a favour and travel by Eurail from city to city.


I always use my time on the trains to catch up on writing post cards.  It’s such an old fashioned thing to do but people always love receiving postcards!


Have you ever heard of trottibiking?  It is soooo much fun.  We went trottibiking from Gerschnialp to the valley of Engelberg in Switzerland.  It’s a little bit like travelling on a scooter, but you are standing in between the front and back wheel and you hold on to the brakes which are on the handle bars.  Watch your balance and don’t let go of the handlebars.

Trams, trains or Trottibikes I just love Switzerland!


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