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Lake Lugano & It’s Treasures
By Therese Bruning
14 November 2010

There is so much more to the Lugano area than the city itself – it’s extra charm lies in the treasures situated around the lake – two of which I was lucky enough to visit – Gandria & Morcote.

Our Swiss Pass enabled us to have discounted travel on the boats around Lake Lugano. Our first stop was the gorgeous village of Gandria, about a 30 minute boat ride from Lugano. Once disembarking, you can weave your way through the maze of delightful lanes, never quite knowing what is around the next corner or where the next cobblestoned stairway may take you. Enjoy a leisurely lunch or dinner, either outside overlooking the lake, or nestled inside for a cozy Italian meal. Pure bliss!!!!
Our next stop was the lakeside village of Morcote, about an hours ferry ride away. If you can tear yourself away from the gorgeous lakefront with its quaint narrow streets and paved alleyways, take the time to ascend the several hundred steps to visit the beautiful church of Santa Maria del Sasso & it’s neighbouring cemetery. You will be well rewarded with the spectacular views - take the time to absorb the atmosphere & make the most of the peace and solitude.  

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Trish Smith
That looks amazing - and it seems like you had the whole place to yourself! Where are all the other tourists?! It must have been blissfully peaceful. I'm pretty sure all those stairs would do me in, though. I would have needed to stop often for a rest and a glass of vino ;-)
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