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OCF Vietnam Bike challenge
By Jared Crouch
28 November 2010

I haven’t felt these emotions for some time. As I stare out the window at Sydney airport, watching the last of the bags being loaded onto my Thai Airways flight bound for Hanoi, Vietnam. My body is filled with great excitement and more than just a touch of nervousness.

The last time I have felt like this would have been that moment when you are about to run on to the football field, staring up the race, hearing the roar of the crowd, a sea of kids – war paint on, staring back at you cheering you on.

What would bring on the same feeling… well, I along with former Sydney Swan Matthew Nicks, current star Ryan O’Keefe and eight others are off to complete a 500km twelve day cycle around North Vietnam to raise funds and awareness for the Oncology Children’s Foundation (OCF)*.

I am excited about the challenges that lay ahead, it will be ‘no walk in the park’ as there are plenty of hills to climb, the weather will be hot and steamy and I am heading to a country I know very little about.  

The nervous energy is about the unknown – will I make it? Have I trained enough?  How tough are the hills?

It isn’t a race I have to remind myself, just another opportunity to challenge myself, work with a team and get everyone from start to finish and yes to work off that fat little belly I was developing since retiring from footy. 

It should be a great challenge and an even better way to explore a different culture. I look forward to sharing more experiences with you all!


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Charlie Thuksin
Its good to see more Aussie going to South East Asia for holiday and also doing good thing for Community ,you lead by Example Jared .
I hope you are sincere in what you are doing ? unlike some of the football players here in australia just making idiots of themselves ! Most aussie's i have met are ok but poor loser's when it comes to game matches & sport ! But thats only a game , Life is different in the real world as i'm sure you'll find out while traveling around vietnam! Anyway i hope you do show a good example & be a good leader in raising funds for the underprivileged & not just for the glory of it ! As i myself have spent a lot of time in Asia as my wife is thai & we understand what poverty is & about the community some things will never change ! Anyway god bless you & keep up the good work & take care !
Kindest Regards ,
Roy & Somsri.
To your success ,
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