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Arriving in Style - Yai Noi Six Senses - OMG!
By Kevin Fisher
28 January 2011

Nothing appeals more to me than the idea of some serious ‘me time’. In fact, I actually cannot recall when I last indulged in some. With that said, the time had come to venture beyond the flashing neon lights of the cities and tourist magnets of Krabi, Phuket or Koh Samui and head out on what I thought would be my very own ‘Survivor’ expedition. So with Aerogard intact and supplies in case I seriously couldn’t catch a fish for dinner, the less inhabited island of Koh Yai Noi was about to become my place of dwelling.

The name of the island translates into ‘Long Island’ but I was convinced it would be more like ‘Lone Island.’ Accessing the island requires a flight to Phuket or Krabi. I opted for Phuket. Arriving at Phuket Airport, the chaos of trolley traffic clattering from side to side and yes, as usual, it was my trolley that had to be a learner driver and stumbled out making more noise than our jet engine as I strained to steer it straight. I was here and I wanted people to know it – very ‘Sex and the City.’ The market place of people and tour guides parted to a lovely hotel hostess dressed in an orange yoga suit – ‘Welcome to Six Senses’

Six Senses is synonymous for being different and in this case a destination within itself. Luxury hungry tourists venture across the globe in search of destinations and resorts with a point of difference. Today I was one of them and I wanted everyone to know. I am looking for Six Senses…..’Yes Sir, this is Six Senses.’ I pretended my ears were blocked from flying and made her scream out the name of the hotel – That’s right folks, Six Senses thank you very much.
Transfers in Style
For further details on how to get to the Six Senses Yao Noi Resort Click Here
All Six Senses guests receive a ‘chariot’....Well ok, BMW’s, but.....that was close enough for me. The driver handed the baton to the next team member - the skipper of the vessel ‘Senses of the Sea.’ If you have ever wanted to feel like 007, then this is your joyride. A 40-minute speedboat ride in sheer luxury through a maze of limestone cliffs that screech out of the sea. Suddenly, Yao Noi Six Senses was in sight. This was no deserted island, I had brought way too much food as I would not be fishing and all I could recall was that song, ‘If they could see me now’. My mates would totally never believe it. 

I was so busy taking pictures that I didn’t even hear the tiny strain of a voice welcoming me – ‘I am Aussie (how appropriate) – your butler.’ A butler – as if – me? Well, naturally I didn’t show any emotion and made out that this was totally normal for me. I think I could get used to this.
Below my Butler 'Aussie' sporting a purple yoga outfit and Khun Gam in Orange.
For details on the resort click here 
How is this for a back garden?

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