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Earth's Best Kept Secret
By Kevin Fisher
1 February 2011

Phang Nga Bay, Hong Island, Chicken Island and surroundings.
The area is vast and the scenery is a snapshot to the mind. If only I could remember these images when I am next sitting in traffic at home or inundated with e-mails.

The waters are littered with limestone caves begging you to explore with daily kayaking trips. The seas are a playground for divers, snorkellers and the ideal spot for private picnics on uninhabited islands. We were now off to our half-day tour of some of the islands for some snorkelling and a picnic lunch, which we had pre-selected at the hotel. The hotel caters to every dietary requirement and the selection is endless. 

All in a days work - a visit to an uninhabited island.

Uninhabited – no way, there is a sign that reads ‘Nature Tail’ – well I assume it is meant to read ‘Trail’ but it doesn’t stop me heading off for sticky beak. The whole time whilst I am walking I check for coconuts on the trees just in case I get lost and the adventure becomes my nightmare. What a joke – this so-called ‘Nature Tail’ was more like a 30-minute stroll, but to anyone reading this it was incredibly strenuous and only the fittest would survive (all lies). 

Nothing quite like your very own private picnic.

Arriving back at the main beach the fruits of the hotel’s hard work and my medal for that intense adventure are evident with our very own canopy flapping in the breeze.    For couples and honeymooners, a day of snorkelling and kayaking through caves topped off with a feast on a deserted island (except for the bloke who put up the sign) – total perfection. Looking across at a nearby island I noticed that not everyone was quite as lazy as I with a swarm of rock climbers showing off their acrobatic moves….obviously enjoying a feast was the choice of champions. To book a tour one simply needs to contact one of the many instructors on Yao Noi – relax there is only one. With rock climbing being way too tame for me I chose to build relationships with some of the most colourful marine life and began some intense snorkelling.


Until now I believed that the world had been created in 7 days but now I realise that some parts were simply left untouched or never finished. Typical – the job never gets done on time. This was one of those places where everything has been left natural and untouched and quite simply heavenly. Finally I have found the true ‘Garden of Eden’ Shush…. I think it is best that we keep this our little secret.


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