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Roughing It In Sheer Luxury
By Kevin Fisher
29 January 2011

Six Senses Yao Noi
Sense: Feeling
THAI’s branding is based on the spirit of ‘Ayatana’, which translates into ‘The Six Senses’. The same concept has been used by the hotel chain that goes by the same name. There are very few options in accommodation available on the island but who would have thought that there would be a six star resort. The resort features a total of 56 villas not to mention an outstanding spa. The villas dart the slopes of the mountain and have been meticulously designed in a style that simply overwhelms. 
I found the façade quite deceiving in that behind those massive bamboo doors lays a sensual awakening which almost winds you in a series of waves of astonishing surprises. In a word the villas are truly magical.
Personally I couldn't see the difference between this and my own bedroom at home!
This is the stuff of which dreams are made.


When I walked in I felt as if I had won one of those Willy Wonka’s ‘Golden Bars’ and just like the lucky winners of those tickets, I didn’t know where to look first. There were contraptions everywhere and the contrast between the outer raw and untamed forest to this internal heavenly luxury was awinspiring. Who would have thought you could have your own wine cellar, a two-way pop-out TV hidden behind a teak wall, sunken bath tubs, indoor and outdoor showers, WI-FI, DVD and did I mention the size of these villas? All villas feature their very own overlap plunge pool. Why on earth would anyway leave this place? Bet they have to force them to go.


Everything about this resort is ‘Green Friendly’ and the hotel even grows their own vegetables and harvests their own water. All buildings within the resort are made out of local materials such as thatch, bamboo, teak and marble. It is quite clear to see that intense planning had gone into this construction with all villas having the most spectacular views of the lush tropical rainforest.

And you ask yourself why I couldn't get out of the bath?

The philosophy at the hotel chain is that one comes to this group of properties for a totally different experience. All staff aim to give their guests more than a bag full of memories to take home but instead they aim to provide you with a suitcase full. Your butler is actually called a GEM (Guest Experience Maker) and believe me for them, nothing is a problem. I did leave with the most amazing memories and I am now of the opinion that in life you occasionally have to stop, spoil yourself and re-charge. If that is what you are looking for – well I found it first.

For further details on the villas available click here  

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