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Choral Chaos
By Kevin Fisher
29 January 2011

Six Senses Yao Noi
Sense: Sound

We are not in Africa but yet that same un-taming feeling is ever present. Right now the sound of splattering rain is lashing the thatch roof of my villa as it battles to stand tall against the elements of the wild. The drenching seems to have awakened some once dormant insects whilst the birds have decided to duck under the odd leaf for cover. Isn’t it strange how in this survival of the fittest that it is still ‘Mother nature’ who rules? She has even managed to keep me indoors.


Finally the rain subsides and I feel it is only right to resume my much loved holiday mode role of the hippo (not just because I have eaten a lot) but let’s face it we all like that lethargic laze by the pool position? If this could only be made into an Olympic sport – I would take out gold. I shut my eyes for a moment to simply listen to the sounds of the forest. 


Now let’s see – Oh me oh my….there seems to be some major argument going on between several birds or wait perhaps it is the afternoon bulletin of “Forest News,’ – Ah, no it is 15:30 which means it is choir practise. On the odd occasion one bird gets very cheesed and says a few things or two (obviously not happy that he didn’t get the lead vocals and besides he took a few of those chicks out to impress them) but there seems to be another noise. The noise is so strange that I have to open my eyes to believe it. Squirrels are rummaging through the trees and staring at us with daggers. This swishing sound followed by the clutching of branches was our ‘Wood’ section in this orchestra.


All this choral chaos continues whilst an ox grazes effortlessly and un-perturbed in a rice paddy at the end of my plunge pool. This choral banter is extremely soothing to be honest I guess in a nutshell that this is exactly what it is all about. No phones, no e-mails no pollution, just nature the way it was meant to be. I realised that here the thought of news, wars, crime and politics just don’t exist. Yes, this was why I came here – to escape the rat race and discover how highly strung life in the city makes us all.


The night performance boasts a totally different overture with crickets and other insects grappling with the rain and other nocturnal beasts for supremacy. The odd mosquito hums its usual tones of the ‘Mozzie Madness’ but it’s those unidentifiable sounds that one hears at night that raise internal alarm. The Opera of the forest is almost over as I feel my eyes shut whilst straining to have my ears remain alert. What was that? Oh Gosh where is it? Sounds like….Rummage for the light switch……Relax – just the fridge, pull yourselves together people and work with me here. 

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