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Degustation In The Forest
By Kevin Fisher
1 February 2011

Six Sense Yao Noi
Senses:  Taste/Sound
As with everything it is all about the experience as much as it is about the explosion of flavours in your mouth. Six Senses ensure that every dining experience is truly an unforgettable memory (for your suitcase).

A choice of in-villa BBQ’s or romantic beach lunches and dinners on a deserted island. Even your fun day of snorkelling comes with your very own (pre-selected) picnic and set up prior to your arrival. And who says that doing dishes is fun?

Took this to show you what the restuarant looks like during the day - imagine at night.

Whilst I was staying at the hotel, I was fortunate enough to attend one of the so-called themed dinners. There is one on most nights and the idea is generally to get the guests to interact and get to know each other. I decided to go along to the Australian food and wine degustation. This evening was made even more special and memorable by the settings and ambience not to mention the scrumptious food itself. Don’t get me wrong; 6 different fine aussie wines from the Barossa Valley later and a gastronomic collage of food consisting of sushi engulfed in fresh salmon, a delectable concoction of fresh seafood, rare roast beef and a desert that seriously made me close my eyes as three variants of chocolate did battle and raised palatial havoc with my tastebuds. 


Now imagine this food coupled with amazing wine and then add the setting. Pitch darkness with each of us in our booth/table and the only light present was that from the flickering candles. We all sat around lavishing this scrumptious meal tasting every drop of wine and tender creations as if this was truly the last supper against a backdrop of a plummeting thunderous waterfall cascading over the tropical rain forest. The water raced under our naked feet only to be separated from kissing our relaxed toes by a sheet of glass.


With the aid of underground spotlights, I could see the water rushing to its own freedom and splashing against the ferns and moss covered rocks. It was so strange that the restaurant was full but we seemed totally alone. Closing my eyes all I could do was listen to nature, the water, the rawness of the forest and taste the medium rare roast beef. It became obvious then that at Six Senses every meal was an event played out by its personalizing staff with us as their characters. When asked what memory I packed in my suitcase – easy – that waterfall, in the pitch darkness of the night under my naked soles in itself made the meal twice as delicious.


Suddenly I realised that we weren’t alone in some episode of ‘Lost’ and there were ‘Others’ dining shoeless too.

For information relating to other dining facilities click here  

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