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Breakfast Is Served
By Kevin Fisher
31 January 2011

Six Senses Yao Noi
Senses: Taste/Smell
It became obvious to me after being on the island for a few days that Six Senses Yai Noi was a destination in itself. A place where honeymooners come to celebrate their unity or busy couples come to unwind and be at one with nature and each other. I thought I had seen just about all that this resort had to offer until I went for breakfast.

Now I realise that going for breakfast may sound and seem most uninteresting but let me tell you that nothing compares to a breakfast at the Six Senses Yai Noi. When I arrived at the restaurant I was told that I was to be given a guide to assist me with the instructions. The people I was with naturally thought this was rather amusing as this was not on the list of day tours.

No sooner did our butler arrive and begin showing us why we needed a guide. You see at this resort breakfast is a celebration of food and in some cases food that eats into the root of your hard labour at the gym prior to taking the trip. We were guided towards what looked like a massive glass fridge door. Ready or not here I come – we opened and I can honestly say that the smells wafted through my nostrils like a cool summer’s breeze.

Welcome to the Pastry Section - not bad!

A massive battle of aromas started to get the palatial juices flowing as the smell of fresh, warm pastries, breads and devilish cakes wrestled with my dietary morals. Suddenly I turned around only to see a vast selection of Gelato ice cream with every topping under the sun. Four friendly attendants just waiting to break my healthy eating patterns serviced the room. I smiled and told them I would be back – numerous times – no point in telling lies. The next door opened to a cold room of cheeses. Smells of Gouda, Blue Cheese, Cheddar, Brie and an abundance more. On the other side every cereal and yoghurt. Don’t forget the fruit section with the sweetest tasting fruits from Thailand. Then onto the serious stuff – the buffet section.

Featuring an Asian section, an egg section where preparing every egg under the sun was an Olympic sport to the staff, hot food and finally a section of the room that became my own personal friend – the crepes, waffle and pancakes area. Everyday was simply a different topping and sadly my only complaint is that the crepes should have been twice the size (I know, that in itself seems sad).
Yes, same guy, same pancakes -different days.  So who is up for a run then?
Imagine all this eating whilst looking at this as your view - talk about total hardship.

Breakfast should take 30 minutes but who says that 2-3 hours is abnormal when you have views of islands like these? I used to roll away from the table at the end dreaming of the next day when I could start all over again. So, who’s hungry anyway?

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