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Why Travel?
By Adam Corney
11 February 2011

Location: Australia
Soundtrack: The Clash – Should I Stay Or Should I Go Now
Life is full of opportunities.
Sometimes they’re little things, like the opportunity to go down the street with a friend to get a cold can of fizzy beverage.
Sometimes they’re big things, like the opportunity to move to Antartica to fulfill a lifelong dream of studying the migratory patterns of the Gentoo penguins.
And sometimes, they’re amazing things, like the chance to head to Northern Thailand for two weeks and review some awesome hotels, experiences, and adventures.
Courtesy of THAI, I flew to Chiang Mai and over a two week period travelled solo around northern Thailand. I chronicled my adventures in this blog.
I’ve travelled before, but it’s not just travelling itself that restores your spirit. There’s something indefinable about the whole travel experience.
I can try to define it, but I won’t do it justice: it’s like refilling a bucket. It’s like, over time, we get stuck in ruts and routines that force our ordinary lives into patterns we can’t change.
Every now and then, we need to escape the routine.
We need to refill the bucket.
We need to break out of the ordinary and explode into the extraordinary, if only to achieve a few days (or in my case, two weeks) of escapism. Of seeing the world from the outside in, of seeing what is really going on in our lives instead of being caught up in the daily routine.
Starting the adventure was just the beginning.
It is a strange thing, that in sea voyages, where there is nothing to be seen, but sky and sea, men should make diaries; but in land-travel, wherein so much is to be observed, for the most part they omit it; as if chance were fitter to be registered, than observation. Let diaries, therefore, be brought in use.
- Of Travel,
Francis Bacon (1561-1626)

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