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By Adam Corney
13 February 2011

Location: Chiang Mai
Soundtrack: Live music, indescribable titles

Thais have a certain way that they conduct their festivals.

In Australia, we have exhibitions, fairs, country shows, rodeos, D&S balls. But they all seem contrived, as if we’re expected to celebrate an event for a reason long since forgotten.

Thailand does the complete reverse of that – the people are the ones driving the celebration. If nothing is organised, then they’ll make their own party happen. As if overnight, festivals sprout, charcoal barbecues are rolled out, food starts cooking and music starts playing.

So it’s fairly common to be walking down a street, turn the corner, and run into a festival.

In my case, I ran into a Countdown festival. Thailand celebrate their New Year in April with the Songkran water festival – but they’ll take any excuse for a party, so they also celebrate the end of the calendar year with Countdown.

There’s fireworks, bright lights, stages with bands and an MC, barbecue-smoke-filled air, and a lot of food.

If you get a chance and happen to wander into a festival, you have to seek out the Thai sausages. They’re chock full of meaty-gingery-chilli goodness. After missing them for so long, I found them again that night. They were everything I’d been dreaming of – so good! You’ve got to have them when you come to Thailand. You just have to. Trust me.

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