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Hua Hin to London
By Justin Barnwell
29 July 2010

After the Let's Sea Bar naming a cocktail after it, I thought I should see what all the fuss was about and get up early enough to see the sun rise. Bleary eyed and very unmotivated I washed my face, grabbed my camera and legged it down to the beachfront. It was a cloudy morning and the sun was struggling to make any appearance at all, yet the ambience of the still water and shades of light filtering through the thick wet season clouds sitting over the salty Thai waters created a beautiful visual. Morning joggers, tai chi experts, stray dogs and fishermen litter the open stretch of beach with the promise feeling of a new day. Unfortunately this meant me sitting in a plane for the next 11 hours, the next part of my journey.

Having such an early transfer to the airport of 6.30am, Let's Sea had organized a 'takeaway' breakfast for me. I sat in the back of the leather seated Mercedes Benz hire car that would be driving me to Bangkok and ate the ham & cheese sandwich, lychee's and banana in my fruit box while getting my caffeine hit for the day from the takeaway coffee... There was no need for a fast food stop on the way this time. I was amazed by the amount of factories and industrial services I saw on route to the airport. When we approached roadworks being carried out on the side of the highway, I couldn't believe my eyes seeing a huge elephant working as part of the team. I couldn't quite understand what the elephant was doing but it certainly made me realize i was in Thailand.
12 hours later and I was picking up my bags from carousel 24 at Heathrow airport terminal 3. I had instructions on how to get to Old Street where i was meeting a very good friend of mine Gary. Gary lives with Stephen in Shoreditch, one of the trendier suburbs of East London. I caught the express train to Paddington, swapped to the circle line to King's Cross St Pancreas, then onto the northern line and my final destination of Old Street. Gary was there and it was great to see him again, Being 9pm yet feeling like 4pm in the afternoon with the summer light of northern Europe we dropped my bags at his apartment then hit the streets.

There was people everywhere. Groups drinking in Lane ways, crowds lining up for nightclubs, workers returning from office jobs, cyclists dodging traffic and little me, overwhelmed by the amount of people in one place. We walked past a small Lane way off Rivington Street and noticed a gathering of young creative types with plastic cups of wine all engrossed in conversation. Without any time restraints we decided to check it out. It turned out to be a local Art school's exhibition so we grabbed a wine and viewed the work. This first impression of London again cemented my thoughts and previous visits that London to me is one of, if not the epicenter of the arts and here I was immersed once again.

Feeling a little peckish Gary and I whipped round the corner to the Bar Music Hall for a chicken burger and chips. Apparently they only serve beers from Belgium here, not my favorite but it was well overdue after half a day's flight. The Bar Music hall has been through many faces over the years starting with a cabaret club, rave club, and now a 90's influenced music hall with nightly live entertainment in a intimate environment. Tonight must have been cover night with a lady singing covers of four non blondes with an acoustic guitar. Not my cup-of-tea.

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