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A Jungle Interlude
By Adam Corney
22 February 2011

Location: Northern Chiang Mai
Soundtrack: Birds. Lots, and lots, of birds.

After the serenity of my elephant experience, I joined up with a day tour group on their way to a waterfall & rafting trek.
It’s a typical thing to do up in the north – get taken out of town, up into a remote area of the mountains, hike for a few hours towards a waterfall, and go swimming. On your way back, you jump on a bamboo raft and float down a river, enjoying the quiet pace of the river and the Thai life on the riverbanks.
It’s a wonderful thing to share with family and friends, and my tour group was a mix of families, and groups of friends. But since I was travelling solo, I felt like a third wheel – so if you ever do travel solo and do daytrips like this, do it with some new found friends. It is seriously a much better experience.
By the end of the day, we’d had a nice experience in the Thai wilderness, but it was time to go home.
Two days after my elephant adventure, I left Chiang Mai for Bangkok.

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Oan G
It is a good holiday for family and friends. Life time experience for any aged
Should prepare your fitness before do booking for holiday.
Oan G
Healthy holiday for your mind and body.
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