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10 Things To Love About Thailand (in no particular order)
By Emma Gardiner
14 April 2011

Ten things I love about Thailand (in no particular order)

1. Monkeys. They are everywhere!
2. ‘Cow pat’ aka fried rice. I can eat this stuff for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I know because I’ve done it.
3. Spas. Call me a bourgeois Westerner. Call me an Imperialist pig. I don’t care; I am too relaxed from all the criminally cheap spa treatments to bother raising an eyebrow.
4. Flowers. Purple Singapore orchids and marigolds on temple altars, jasmine buds strung into elaborate garlands with rose petal tips, frangipanis, bougainvilleas and ‘dok kem’ bursting from the greenery everywhere you look.
5. Wacky tropical fruit. From the luscious white flesh of a mangosteen to the putrid revolting stench of durian, Thailand has weirdness growing on trees.
6. Temples. Some people get ‘wat’ fatigue but I don’t. For a self-confessed heathen, I am enchanted by everything from the golden chedi to the mangy dogs. Temples embody the energy of centuries of prayer. I feel the serenity of all that high frequency peace resonating straight into my heart.
7. Thai people. They have a really good attitude towards life. They are helpful, respectful and cheerful. I can count on one hand the times I have seen a Thai person behave badly.
8. The myriad transport options. You can catch a motorbike, flag down a songtaew, hail a hot pink cab, catch the Sky Train in Bangkok, catch a train and fly. If you fancy it, you can even charter a long tail boat or have your own driver.
9. The lax traffic laws. No seatbelts. No helmet. No laws around how many people you can fit in a car. Call me immature but I love the rebellious thrill of not having to buckle up.
10. The beaches. The water is clear, warm and aquamarine, the sand is white and the beer is often delivered straight to your towel. Ahhh Singhaaaahhhhhh..

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Keywords: fancy, Feel, Hot, Love, peace, Warm, Bangkok

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