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Destination: Sanctuary Spa
By Kevin Fisher
30 April 2011

After weeks of pastries, junk food and lack of exercise (and after receiving a knock back from ‘The Biggest Loser’), this was the best way to end the holiday. A visit to a spa resort that in fact was a destination in itself.


A 10 minute speedboat ride from Phuket Wharf and my ‘wellness’ way of life appeared. As the speedboat made its final ripple in the smooth seas I pondered whether I was about to be subjected to birdseed and intense shock detoxing. I arrived to a warm greeting from my butler at the pier (what a fan club). Did he know something? Give the guy credit – he found the Tim Tams and wine in my cabin bag. Talk about ‘Border Patrol’.


Battling through the paparazzi at the pier was the GM of the hotel who steered us to a very large bronze drum which hung helpless and suspended as if waiting for punishment. I had to beat the drum twice and make a wish … Ah yes, a secret stash of Tim Tams. Banging the drum and naturally wishing for world peace I realised that my picture had just been taken. How very odd … I knew I wasn’t speeding. The real reason was that this image of me not smiling was immediately sent to all the staff to ensure I was addressed by my name.


So the island has no TV, no mobiles, limited organic alcohol, no Tim Tams; just healthy living. People come to de-stress, detox and sometimes even to find themselves. 


I found this quote in a book inside my villa and felt that it summed up this resort just perfectly; ‘Wellness is a positive and balanced approach to life, toward creating optimal wellbeing across all realms of living’. I reckon a few days here and no one could ever leave the way they arrived. 


The island is an extremely powerful source of education in life. When you leave you are asked to bang the big brass drum again only this time I was determined to leave with a degree in both myself and healthy living. 

For more information on the Six Senses Sanctuary Health Retreat click here

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