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Let's Take a Look Inside Shall We?
By Kevin Fisher
30 April 2011

Sense: Feeling
Endless opportunities are available to enrich and redefine your own inner health and wellbeing such as spa treatments, holistic fitness and integrated health. The concept involves understanding your own body and the root of some of the causes to many of your ailments.


Upon arriving I had no sooner unpacked in my totally mesmerising villa when my butler arrived to present me with my new form of transport – a bicycle. Whilst on the island I would be cycling everywhere on my own. Just in case you are worried about a license and RTA stuff, think again as each of our bicycles had already been baptised or anointed in a ceremony that resulted in my very own wood-carved personalized number plate. The level of service is like an ongoing eruption of surprises.


The first stop for anyone who has just become a cyclist on the road to wellbeing is a pittstop at the Wellness Centre. My assessor, Khun Saowapa, had just returned from working and studying in Australia in Physiotherapy, Sport Medicine and Iridology. Every question had a purpose and each represented a tiny piece of ‘my story’ and for some strange reason, I got the impression that she knew most of the answers before I did. 


The session determines your goals for your stay; detox, de-stress or to find oneself, or maybe all three? I decided that I wanted to use my visit as a time to take stock of what my body was saying and perhaps relax, listen and learn. Sadly it takes coming to a place like this to switch off. I was not here for a miracle but a rather full body service to enable me to develop an enriched level of self-understanding to obtain my Masters Degree in ‘insight into myself’.


Thanks to some serious note taking on her part, I now had such a full social calendar and realised that this wasn’t going to be a relaxing joyride. 


And so the road to finding my inner self began in a lengthy process no dissimilar to the loading of Noah’s Ark. Whilst I received my first dining experience my entire stay would be planned and typed up. I knew that I suddenly had appointments and massages and well yes … life was tough.

For more information about the Wellness Centre and Wellness Menu Click Here  


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Keywords: understanding, Phuket

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