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Auckland - How Things Have Changed
By Therese Bruning
7 May 2011

Having grown up in Auckland & not having been back for the past 15 years, I was curious as to how the inner city may have changed over this time. With only 2 full days to catch up with family & friends, plus see as many of my old haunts as possible, we were off exploring within 2 hours of stepping off the plane.

I’d been told by people how great things were looking with many of the changes to the CBD & waterfront – especially since the hosting of the America’s Cup. I certainly wasn’t disappointed. One of the best things about Auckland is that you can be right in the city & within a few minutes walk, be looking out over the beautiful harbour. Auckland has always had a beautiful harbour area but the Kiwis have chosen to make even more of this asset by building  "The Viaduct"a collection of cafes & restaurants, hotels, a Museum, marina and the starting point for harbour tours & yacht charters. You can even book a sailing experience on one of the America’s Cup yachts.  





I loved it down here & it’s a great addition to the adjacent Ferry Terminal. They’ve done a fantastic job transforming an old wharf area that no one went near, to a vibrant, happening area for everyone. Really impressive!!


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