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So Many Restaurants – So Little Time
By Therese Bruning
9 May 2011

I don’t remember that many great restaurants & cafes in the Auckland CBD when I lived there 20 years ago – a few - but I can’t remember being spoilt for choice. How things have changed. Of course there are the multitude of restaurants in the Waterfront/Viaduct area, but many of the true gems can be found in the numerous lanes & backstreets of the city.

Not sure where to head off to for a late Sunday morning breakfast, we stumbled upon Torchon French Creperie, situated in Elliott Stablesa collection of individually run restaurants in Elliott St. Delicious breakfast with a French touch. There are also a number of other restaurants including Italian, Japanese, & Tapas which are open for lunch & dinner.



Another restaurant we ended up going to twice to meet friends during our short stay was Mezze Bar in Durham St East, a small lane off Queen St. This place is great – hence the reason for the repeat visit. Great vibe, tasty tapas & a cosy atmosphere should the weather be on the cool side. It was buzzing – even on the Monday night we visited, so obviously very popular with the locals. This could almost be one of my favourite Auckland restaurants, if it weren’t for a little café called "The Middle East" which gets a blog page all to itself.


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