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Chawarma Heaven
By Therese Bruning
16 May 2011

Many moons ago, my girlfriends & I used to be regular visitors to a little café called "The Middle East" .  We’d have a cheap tasty meal before a big night out on the town. I introduced my then boyfriend, now husband of many years to his first chawarma, and he too was hooked. 

After such a long time away, we wondered if it would still be there & it was one of the first places we sought out on our arrival in Auckland. Whether it was the memory of good times, the hankering for the food or a bit of both, hubby & I were really excited when we found it in the same spot in Wellesley St West, just up from the Civic Theatre & across the road. It’s not looking too different from all those years ago, except for an extension out the back. We even recognised the same owners behind the counter on the Sunday night we were there. 


It’s a really funky looking little café & they have a great collection of camels all over the place.


"And what exactly is a chawarma" I hear you ask. It’s spiced lamb from the spit served in a toasted pita bun with lettuce, & accompanied by garlic yoghurt sauce & tomato chutney. For only NZD$9.50 it’s really good value. The menu also includes falafels, kebabs & salads. It’s not licensed or BYO, but that didn’t seem to deter the people pouring in for a quick, tasty meal.

Isn’t it great that even after nearly 30 years, some things just don’t change!!



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