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The Sound of Silence
By Therese Bruning
18 May 2011


As we go about our daily lives, we almost become immune to the fact there is constant noise – whether it’s from traffic, people or TV. We sometimes don’t appreciate silence until we find it – or in our case, it found us. Instead of staying at Greymouth, we decided to drive a little further to stay at Punakaiki, home of the famous Pancake Rocks. We didn’t quite make it that far for our accommodation, and instead stayed at Barrytown, halfway between Greymouth & Punakaiki.

The Beach Hideaway is a true little gem of a place. There are only 2 villas on the property & when we arrived, we were the only guests. We sat outside the front of our villa with a vino & experienced what we had been longing for – peace, quiet & solitude. No traffic, no other people. There was only the distant sound of the West Coast surf crashing down on the beach & the calls of the native birds.

Our villa was modern & comfortable with a small kitchenette & my one wish was that we had booked in for more than one night. As it’s only 15mins drive from Greymouth to the South & Punakaiki to the North it’s a great alternative if you want to get away from it all.



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Keywords: Noise, peace, Auckland

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