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The Eyes - The Window To The Soul
By Kevin Fisher
14 June 2011

I have seen my fair share of naturopaths and iridologists but this was something quite different. A journey to the centre of my soul. The room was almost igloo-like with simplistic furnishings except for two items that stood out like islands. A specialised weapon in the form of a camera aiming directly for my iris, coupled with a massive computer screen alongside to beam the images in cinemascope.


Hi-tech machinery on a virtually uninhabited island. OMG – welcome to another episode of ‘Lost.’ We began with a series of photographs being taken of every part of my eyes. Finally I was a model. This was ‘Fashion Week: Sanctuary Island Style.’ In an instant, the shots were displayed for a thorough cross-examination.


Man, I have massive eyes – well, at least when they are magnified. So much for thinking I had brown eyes only to be told the colours of green and blue were very prominent. Slowly the windows to my inner-self began to open as each colouring and gradient told a story in itself. No secrets here folks; I simply listened in awe at how well a complete stranger suddenly knew me. Imagine if we could use this for dating … a quick glimpse into the person of interest and suddenly you have more information than your first 10 dates. What a saving!


The consultation is done at the beginning of your stay to determine which facilities and treatments would best suit you for the duration of your stay. The outcome of my iris invasion was enlightening as much as it was scary. Let’s face it – when do we ever truly know what is going on inside of us? Suddenly when you see it in front of you, it becomes an obvious issue that, in your subconscious at least, you were always aware of.


I went into this consultation expecting to find the odd thing or two but who would have expected that the ‘story of my eyes’ would be longer than Lord of the Rings. I have to say that there are no plans to make a movie out of mine though.


Whilst looking at this monstrous eyeball, I felt its power glaring right back at me like the rays of the sun. Suddenly I felt the inner urge to make some drastic changes (well at least while I was here) and the decision to embark on a major wake up to the inner body. This was to be the earthquake and tremors of my inner being. Yes, it was time to commence a dietary cleanse. 


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