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Stomach Gets a Spring Clean
By Kevin Fisher
14 June 2011

Sense: Taste

Turn on your TV and all you see is …’Lose 10 kilos in 10 days’ or ‘Detox and never look back,’ so like everyone else, I am confused about diet. We all know that stopping at Maccas or KFC is quick and easy and cheaper and keeps the kids quiet but what is all that fat and oil really doing to us?


I hadn’t been all that well-behaved while on holidays and seriously assisted every cake shop with their net takings for the month. It was time to clean up the mess I had made. I agreed to try a body cleanse but I have to admit that I wasn’t sure what that meant. I sure hoped that I didn’t have to drink soap but perhaps that would have been easier.


I was told the idea was to flush out the toxins and teach me how to eat. Now to put you in the picture, all guests receive a healthy alternative when dining at the resort. Meals are served at specified restaurants and choices are limited to the healthy options of the day. In general, the meals are quite tasty and portion sizes good. On two days of our visit, we attended a raw lunch. I think it is most important for all to understand that when you come to this resort you come in search of change and therefore such meals are enlightening and quite enjoyable.


For me it was about a set menu. The Wellness Centre had delivered my daily menu for my stay. Click here for details.



I was impressed with some choices of mango salad, avocado and cabbage which was very nice and filling. I found the evening tough with vegetable broth as my main meal and, let’s face it, when you are watching your mates eat nice food around you it can be tough. But, I was determined to look like Fabio and I realised that I would need to stay for another 25 years to do it.


I guess the hardest part of this whole change of life process was the amount of water I was drinking. Some days over 10 glasses of water and I won’t even tell you how much coconut juice I consumed. 


So what was the result ... well obviously I became friendly with every tree in the resort and I felt I marked my territory rather well. I can’t help it if our villa was the furthest from the restaurant and my bicycle just wasn’t being pedalled fast enough. I kept telling myself to be like Forrest Gump and just ‘Ride, Forrest, ride!’ but needless to say I came about 12 villas short of mine.


The end result was that my skin was glowing and I felt alive and rejuvenated. I seriously felt so alive. I must admit that the first two days were tough and I did have headaches but once I broke beyond that I never looked back. Listen to your body with the guidance of a trained dietician and anything is possible.

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