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Cooking up a Storm
By Kevin Fisher
14 June 2011

A cooking class underground, yeah right? Together with about 12 other curious inmates of the resort, I headed down a tube-like stairs to an underground cave. Spiralling downwards and waving goodbye to daylight, I felt like a miner heading down the cold shafts in search of minerals. Suddenly the cylindrical spiral staircase opened out into the most state of the art kitchen.


Staring in amazement, I realised that the element of sheer surprise and memory making of the Six Senses chain was in action yet again. This was going to be a cooking experience to remember. The kitchen reminded me of the house of the Flintstones yet every possible state-of-the-art piece of equipment had its place.


We set out to learn about good, simplistic recipes out of raw products allowing food to remain natural, wholesome and oil and salt reduced in the long-term. South African chef Bryan Berger led us through some very easy recipes such as avocado soup that used with coconut milk – yum! Even the more complex salads and Thai dishes seemed interesting and doable.


The cooking is a demonstration rather than hands-on and therefore there is no need to feel embarrassed. Everyone is there to learn about a healthy living lifestyle.


Even though every part of my body was in detox mode, I still managed to absorb the theory behind fish and vegetarian foods. It is said that they cause less stress on the digestive system and even produce less waste from our body.


I realise that the moment I get back to the real world, temptation will sway me back into my old regime but with this knowledge and the weapons of easy-to-follow recipes, I hope to be able to continue on this road to healthy eating and genuine wellbeing.

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