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De-stressing The Mind & The Muscles
By Kevin Fisher
14 June 2011

Senses:  Feeling

I am the first to admit that I am not one for treatments and massages and so this almost felt like an invasion of some sort. I took the suggestions provided from the consultations and used their guidance in deciding which massages to have from the buffet. The Spa facilities in the Wellness Centre are phenomenal and the level of professionalism was truly evident. The facility is divided up into Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and Thai treatments, not to mention the meditation rooms, floating tank and Watsu massage. Since I didn’t have a month to try them all, I chose four during my stay:


Hot Stone Massage

Duration: 90 minutes

 Masseur: K.Tui


Always wanted to try this and so I made sure they had my name down for my session. Yes, I even came by after lunch - I was that excited!


Everything about the room was relaxing, from the music to noises from outside. Didn’t think much of the undies though but I guess they wanted to make sure every part of my body was breathing. And for those of you wondering – no, there is no picture of that.


I lay there thinking, ‘I wonder how hot these babies will be?’. As the first stone kissed my skin, I felt this intense warmth penetrate my body. My body seemed to take to this rather well and seemed to recognise this intense feeling as a long lost cousin. 


As the stones began invading my skin like a scene from ‘Star Wars,’ I could sense a little bit of resistance from my joints and muscles. That’s right boys … it’s time for an internal awakening. Joints and muscles were groaning as the heat of the stones penetrated to the core of ultimate stiffness in the joints and muscles.


In typical fashion, some muscles were being difficult and trying to hold onto the poor posture that were accustomed to. I know … talk about internal politics. K.Tui massaged deep to the core and drained away the effects of daily life. When the original stones had transferred all of their heat into my skin, they were replaced by freshly heated stones. I could have handled another three hours of this heated war on my body but alas, 90 mins came and went too quickly. This is a definite for anyone wanting to awaken the inner joints and revitalise the body. I just know my body left in total shock and is probably still cursing me now. Perfect!


Up for something different then try a Lomi Lomi! I have to admit that I was persuaded by my new friend K.Tui.


Lomi Lomi is based on a Hawaiian massage. K.Tui was determined to do the hula for me which I knew was a joke. As if, right? I turned up for the treatment only to find her standing there beaming from ear to ear dressed in a hula outfit. This had to be some kind of joke, or worse yet, maybe I was being filmed to see my reaction.


Entering the treatment room I noticed that it had been decked out with a touch of Hawaii everywhere and to top it off there was even hula music playing in the background. Oh if only they could see me now. Then it started – she danced (and very well, I might add). Hmmmm!


The massage itself is very good for those of us who want to release tension. K.Tui went on attack and somehow knew exactly where to hit. She was on fire and was trying to prove a point. I knew I had tipped her well the day before yet she still didn’t let up. She was on a mission to get those muscles to relax and she did a damn good job. 


With my whole body groaning from the workover the previous day, I think this 2nd round of heavyweight artillery was about as much as my Mr Bean-like body could handle.   Oh for heavens sake, could someone please throw in the towel? Then suddenly through the continuous assault on those resistant areas, the pain began to ease. Was I dead - LOL? I felt so calm and light. A sense of fatigue brushed over me as the dancing queen of Hawaii backed off.


I guess I realised that the tip today would have to be a lot bigger than before. Think about it; what if I got her again tomorrow?

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Jean N Thome
It would be nice to know where in Phuket this place is... how much you paid..and how generous your Tip was? How long did the differant Massage sessions lasted?
Kevin Fisher
The resort is now under the Starwood Luxury Hotel Group and is now called Naka Luxury Resort. Located on Naka Yai Island which is on the east coast of Phuket and 25 minutes from Phuket Airport plus a 5 minute speedboat ride. As Six Senses this was a health retreat with a full meal plan whereas now it is a 5 star luxury hotel. Link for the new property http://www.starwoodhotels.com/luxury/property/overview/index.html?propertyID=3714
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