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Weightless Wonders
By Kevin Fisher
14 June 2011

Senses:  Feel

Saving the best for last. A massage in the water … what?


I have heard of floating tanks and hydrotherapy but a massage in a heated pool sounded too good to be true. From what I was led to believe, the idea of the massage was to gently relax the body through a series of twisting and stretching motions. I was also told that often one becomes so relaxed that they fall asleep and almost have a back to the womb experience. Naturally I felt it was best to check with mum first as to whether she was ok with me possibly heading back to her insides.


As I made my way into the heated circular pool, I could hear steam sizzle off the surface. I was gently placed on my back and so the metamorphosis relaxation state began. I let my arms and legs go as I was dragged ever so softly through the ripples of the water. I was spaghetti-ed throughout the intense heat until suddenly I lay suspended in a rather strange yet comfortable position. With my face up and ears just tickling the water and eyes wide shut, I could sense something. There was a rumble coming from somewhere. I was so removed from my surroundings that I had no idea that it was pouring with rain and thunder outside.


As the thatched roof protected the open-air heated sauna from taking a beating from Mother Nature I became aware of my low energy levels. I realised that I had simply submitted to the power of the masseur and simply lay motionless and helpless in the once warm water. I felt light and lethargic and agreed to any movement and stretch that I received.


Suddenly the angle of this motion changed from being backwards and forwards and spirals to one of a vertical motion. OMG, I was I going under? In that split second weights were taken off my feet and my masseur tried desperately to retrieve me from a semi-conscious state. I think I may just have fallen asleep at the end. I have never felt so relaxed; light yet heavy all at once. My muscles were in shock and I seriously contemplated declaring a state of emergency for my entire body. All I knew is that I simply had to try this again.


The massage is fantastic for anyone suffering from jet lag or even sporting injuries and other ailments. I say this because very often the question is asked whether those with injuries should even consider massage as a form of rehab. Water is the perfect rehab basis for anyone with an ailment or disability as one is always weightless in water and this allows for movement that would otherwise be impossible. In short, you all simply have to try it.


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