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An Adults Playground
By Diana Kim
18 July 2011

One of the things travellers never, ever, EVER forget to do is, shop. It's in our innate nature to make use of prices of all the international products without the tax and shipping fee but the excitement and the adrenaline which build up instantly when you walk into a big department stores decorated with sale signs hanging above the ceilings is indescribable. The sales are nothing like those I have experienced in Sydney. It's not the measly 30% off but up to 75% off. So in my opinion, just saving up for a ticket and then splurging all at once is most likely cheaper, not to mention all the variety of goods available. 

Shopping in Paris is jaw dropping. Not only do you get to view and experience the parisian lifestyle all around you whilst shopping, but there isn't a single thing you can't find. And I'm not talking about goods for the ladies, but also for the gents. Printemps, Galleries Lafayette, streets of Saint Honore (one of my favorite stores being Colette, will find you lots of funky and hip goodies)- it's an adults playground and I just giggle every time.
my bag man :) 
inside galleries Lafayette 
If shopping gets too fast paced- which it will, you can always take a seat in one of the many cafes available inside the galleries or on the streets to give your feet a breather, just people watch or catch up on a bit of macaroon :) 

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