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Sweet Love For Paris
By Diana Kim
5 August 2011

So.. continuing on from my last post on my slightly over the top Parisian affair- shop hopping, i found another sweet spot- literally sweet as ever for Paris. Desserts that would wow you, make you salivate, take you to heaven and back. And you know how in Masterchef they say that we eat with our eyes... its all true. The cake slices, chocolate bites and macaroon stacks drew me in and the certainty of a significant weight gain was no longer something that was going to prevent me from digesting and absorbing the sweet, creamy and crackling flavours which i was about to devour and explore......only if vegetables tasted this good.
I'm almost embarrassed to say this but i had no interest in macaroons until Paris. I never really understood the hype, but when i tried the macaroons from Laduree located at the Printemps shopping mall, i just melted with it. I turned to my partner as my heart sank with a shudder and said.. "this.. this is so good.." . Tarts, gaufres (waffles) to cakes.. its the best way to take a break from the hours of shopping and give your mouth a treat.

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