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A Parisian For A Day
By Diana Kim
4 August 2011

Paris is really beautiful. It is a city which lives up to all the talk and vision people have- definitely romantic and flourishing with so much history and life every turn you take. Every photo you snap, the buildings around you make the perfect backdrop. A city you cannot ever get bored looking at.
During the summer, like all cities im sure, people are out and about to soak up on some sun, (europeans LOVE the sun) sipping on wine and again a treat for the mouth, taking a quick dip at a nearby fountain, or a quick trip to Motte Picquet markets on the weekend which is buzzing with people, there to buy fresh local produces. And if you're a traveler like myself, a day trip to Versaille is a must... only in Paris. I think the pictures speak for themselves.. i mean really, how could you not want to fly to Paris again.. and again?

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