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Shopped 'Til I Dropped
By Diana Kim
31 August 2011

I know...... I did a whole lot of shopping in Paris, but I traveled to London by Eurostar (which only took 2 hours, buy your tickets in advance as they can sell out especially during the European Summer and it can also get quite pricey) and convinced myself that I had not done enough shopping. I have to admit I'm not into doing all the "touristy" activities and I don't think about the Big Ben or the Buckingham Palace when I think of "London"... really, Harrods, Top shop and markets only come to mind.... but of course, the landmarks do cross my path at one stage or another during the trip.
So to the Knightsbridge Tube we went. The department store was like no other and the products did not disappoint. From floors targeting products for adults to even your pets, i was just awe struck and fell onto my knees with the shopping lifestyle in the UK. They had it all, and in one place. 
Another must do if you want to experience London shopping is London's biggest street market - Portobello Markets, and it would be a sin not to visit, especially if you're after great antiques. And I did well for a first timer managing to score a few gorgeous costume jewellery pieces for myself...I just wish I was able to bring back a whole case full of them.......if only i lived closer to Europe!

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