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Hearty Food
By Diana Kim
10 December 2011

I absolutely love Swedish food.. well the things they eat anyway as they don't have anything really typically swedish apart from Meatballs, cinnamon buns or devils eggs, which you can easily find at Ikea :) But i definitely love the food culture there.
A lot of carbs, roast vegetables, a wide selection of cheese, cream sauce.. slurp- warm hearty foods for the tim~. There are a few things that MUST be tasted whenever in Sweden and that is the Kebab pizza and MAX burger (the first burger chain ever to have closed down McDonalds at one stage). Its not at all typically Swedish but it is to die for, and of course- its the sauce that make it drop dead delish. 
BAR is a well known seafood restaurant in Stockholm which allows customers to choose their own fresh seafood, sauce and side dish, so what ever tickles your fancy. Quirky idea i think, and the Swedes are good at that- being innovative :) If seafood is not your thing, Vapiano is an Italian restaurant in Gamla Stan, otherwise known as Old town which serve pizzas, salads and pastas in the same way as the BAR restaurant.
Every time i visit Stockholm, i always come back a few kilos heavier- there's always a reason for that- GOOD.FOOD.

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Keywords: fancy, Fresh, hearty, Love, Warm, Stockholm

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