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Fika Anyone?
By Diana Kim
9 December 2011

One of the things i learnt about Swedish people is their love for the sun. Who wouldn't when 9 months of the year is cold, dark, grey and rainy? So come summer time, with the sun out until 10.30pm, people are out socialising and mingling with friends or even out for a late night bbq that you almost forget the time.
Regardless of whether its 17 degrees or 25 degrees, if the sun is peeping out, so will the swedish skin, as i witnessed on the rooftop of a hotel in Stockholm - 18 degrees and people swimming and sun baking by the pool :) I remember that particular day being quite nippy for me- almost like our Sydney winter!
However when it does get warm.. its beautiful. The perfect summer weather- 25 to 26 degrees. Not to hot, and not too cold. Juu~st right. 

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