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Where Grass Is Greenest...
By Diana Kim
28 November 2011

I was going to write about fashion in stockholm but i just cannot and will not fail to write about the landscape of sweden. Stockholm is like a big city of castles to me, with cobblestone roads and towering old buildings to accompany it. But if you go just outside of Stockholm, the busy-ness of the city, atmosphere and scenery quietens down and changes completely where you eventually witness fields of green and houses by the lake. When i look back on the photos, it really made me want to be a catcher in the rye- that pure innocence it alluded is unquestionable, and the air was so refreshing for the lungs that you just couldn't stop to inhale. Its lush green and yellow colours splashed all over, and far far ahead, sitting so prettily alone, is almost a doll house like cottage painted in red and white. It was just so picture perfect. 
I forgot to mention that one of the great things about the summer time in Sweden is not only experiencing the true nature of the country, but at the same time, people can just go out into the forest to pick european blueberries, otherwise known as bilberries or go to a strawberry farm and pick as much fresh strawberries as you can. I miss it so much!!

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