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Onya Bike Melbourne
By Matt Rice
24 August 2011

Onya bike Melbourne !

Oh yes, the smell of freshly ground fine Italian coffee beans, wafting through the crisp morning air, seducing the morning office migration, you know your in Melbourne when in one hand you hold your warm flat white, and the other your bike helmet.

Hang on!, what are these neat rows of bicycles, appearing on city block corners?, well get with the latest, carbon friendly craze, its bike share! Wether you’re a welcome visitor to our beautiful city or a regular commuter try using a bike for a day, you will become hooked!

Let me share with you my secret commuting deviation to and from work each day!, well it starts at Richmond Station, I jump the 8.04 city loop train, cross the road, don my helmet and select my sleek blue bike for a 15 minute , 2 km ride into town.

These bicycle banks are dead easy to work, swipe your card and you have bike for a day, 30 minutes free between locations, all day for the bargain price less than a cup of your favourite coffee, visit www.melbournebikeshare.com.au for all the details and locations.

So, of I go through just one of so many parks in Melbourne, Yarra Park , past Richmond Cricket Ground, home of the Tigers, looming in the distance is the iconic MCG, truly you have no appreciation of the size of this stadium till you cycle around it, the “G” as we call it has hosted the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, countless Boxing day cricket matches, and of course every wintery weekend, culminating in that big day in September, the battle for the flag, our AFL grand final.

Take the time to do a tour of this iconic ground including the national sports museum, and you may even have the chance to walk the hollowed turf!, visit   www.mcg.org.au

Peddling along, the paths and bridges are bicycle and pedestrian friendly, I smirk to myself as I ride over the building traffic and parked trains, wind in my face and sun on my back. Next view is over our tennis precinct, home to the Australian Open each January, Oh I have fond memories of boom-boom Becker , Cash and McEnroe , stop! showing my age now ! The view is very impressive, a patch work of blue courts, surrounding the Rod Laver arena, check out the following link, if tennis is not your thing, your favourite artist may be in concert, see www.mopt.com.au .

On the home run now, through beautiful Birrarung Marr, on the banks of Yarra River, yes I know it flows up side down, take a look! Appreciate the view of the original rowing clubs, our botanical gardens on the south bank, the tower of Government House standing proud over the gum trees , flag flapping, assuring us our Governor is in residence, Oh so very Melbourne!

Ding Ding! , yes the familiar stream of our trams as I arrive on Swanston Street, word of warning when you cross the intersection at Flinders & Swanston avoid the tram rails!


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