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A Shopaholics Dream : Terminal 21
By Kevin Fisher
19 December 2011

A Shopaholics Dream : Terminal 21 Sukhumvit

Paint just dry, this state of the art yet into the future shopping mall has finally opened its doors.  After years of planning the centre is abuzz with gawking onlookers.

I was certain that this was going to be yet another mall with expensive prices….well was I wrong.  I was immediately aware of this awesome sense of space and massiveness about everything.  In an orderly fashion bargain hunters darted everywhere as if late for their next connecting flight.    They all marched onto this ‘Loch Ness’ of a monster called an escalator spanning some 36 meters.  The  mechanical beast sprawls across the whole centre connecting all destinations on its route network. Finally it was my turn to step aboard….no inflight service but the view was impressive.

The ride was my closest attempt to summiting Mount Everest.  Suddenly the sound of funky DJ driven music slithered up the escalator.   The boom boom doof got all onboard this joyride to tap their feet and fingers in a rhythmic dance – yes people it was time to shop.


Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco adding to the décor within

I was mesmerised by the décor with each floor decked out as a specific destination – Rome, Paris, Tokyo, London, San Francisco and Hollywood.  Themed around an airport terminal there were several departure gate signs and arrival/departure boards – WOW!

Take a tour of this amazing mall – Terminal 21 Bangkok

The quality of clothing and variety of restaurants is outstanding with exceptional value for money.  The top level is themed around Hollywood and naturally features the movie houses and some popular cuisines.  The stores boast some of the most impressive brand names especially for sporting gear but for me one of the highlights was wandering through the alleyways on each of the floors.  Tucked into tiny crevices, these pockets of shops sprout like little drifting islands with just a few wares to sell.  Don’t discount their goods as the range may be small but the quality is tops and you can be sure that it hasn’t been mass produced.  So who wants to be the envy of their mates?

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