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Ahhhh, Gelati!
By Suzanne Bowles
13 January 2012

"Ahh Gelati"

The Italians are a passionate race of people. Football (soccer), pasta, pizza, lovers (supposedly) just to name a few. One passion that is not as well known, but you will find in abundance as soon as you get to Italia is Gelato. The word literally translates to mean “frozen” in Italian. We know it as ice cream, but I can tell you one thing that it’s probably some of the best ice cream you will ever taste.

I was in Italy for a total of 11 days and I made it a small mission of mine to have a gelati experience every day (this did increase to 2 session on some days – hehe).

The number of Gelateria stands are second in number only to the restaurants/bars in italy and with the amount of flavours available no-one will be disappointed. You also have a choice of cone types and cup sizes and most places will pile the gelati so high you wonder wether it will stay on long fnough to eat it. But stay on it does as you enjoy flavours such as chocolate (every flavour of chocolate), coffee, cream, vanilla, amarena. The list goes on and on with too many to list, but rest assured every flavour is divine. 2 of my favorites are pistashio and coconut. Obviously the quality varies from store to store (as a general rule stay away from the portable stands and go for the ones with the longest queues – these are usually run by Italians and the queue is long for a reason).

While our ice cream back at home can be frozen solid for months, gelati is made a different way, with lower fat content and only lasts for a few days after it is made. I felt it my duty to eat as much as I could to help out the Italian economy…. Plus it justified having the second helpings on some days. For those who have lactose intolerance I urge you to at least try gelati before you walk past because of the way it’s made you may be pleasantly surprised. If you are not that game then there are plentiful flavours of sorbet available (but with a higher sugar content than gelati)

The last 2 days of my gelati experience were by far the best that I found, not only in quality, but also value for money and this was at a little place called “Old Bridge” in Rome near the walls of the Vatican city. Mmmm, mmmmm.

Viva Italia and Viva Gelati – enjoy.

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