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Rome Sweet Rome...
By Suzanne Bowles
24 February 2012

Rome has a sense of drama about it, the people and the place are very theatrical and exaggerated and passionate, which is fantastic. The ladies have a terrific ability to make the best of themselves by getting dressed up with lots of make-up and dark eye-liner to accentuate the eyes whilst the men are seen everywhere gesturing wildly using their hands and faces. The moment you arrive you see that they are an open and passionate people. Just see how they greet one another!

In the big cities there's lots of activity,  of people, and lots of traffic.  A popular way to get around is by motor scooter or by foot or bus. Exhaust fumes and blaring horns and sirens going off. If an Italian is in a bad mood you will know about it as they protest loudly. The customer service is not like it is in Australia and not as friendly. They are efficient and fast to serve you and if you cannot make up your mind whilst looking at the menu. They will decide for you.  Thank God all the food is great!

Amongst all of that there are many beautiful shops with stunning handbags and shoes, clothing and excellent quality eateries. Most things close around 1pm for their siesta in the afternoon to take lunch in peace for 3 hours each day. They take great pleasure eating, napping or spending time with loved ones. I love that they devote so much time to eat well, look well and of course make time for their families. I enjoyed watching people, especially the nuns drinking their coffees whilst standing at the coffee bar, which they receive in 30 seconds!  And it is drunk in the same amount of time.... then they leave. Also it intrigues me at the beginning of the day's sales, they prefer the customer has the exact change when buying something to keep them happy. Of course I would have thought it was their responsibility to have the change but not so. Also they will often serve you whilst speaking to their colleague who is usually serving someone else and if this isn’t the case then their mobile will be attached to their ear.  It's multi-tasking Italian style. 

The Italian culture is full of beauty, depends on beauty, and is addicted to beauty. They like their bodies, big personalities, their movements when they speak, their clothes and style are elegant, and they like to be noticed.  That is for certain.

Rome is an amazing place to visit, an easy city to walk around, and isn’t too big. You will find many famous tourist attractions at every cross road whilst browsing the beautiful shops and eating their delicious food.  

Thai Airways International has several flights each week to Rome. Contact travel agents or visit thaiairways.com.au for details.

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