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Take Me To The Tower!
By Suzanne Bowles
15 March 2012

I learnt a really valuable London tip when I went to the Tower of London..... go on a Monday!  The last time I was there it was packed to the max.  You couldn't move.  But this time October, on a Monday afternoon, with beautiful sunshine, we decided to see the Crown Jewels and we didn't line up at all.  Not once; not even for lunch in the cafe!  

The Tower of London is not a good name for what you find inside because it's more like a medieval town where so many important moments of history happened.

We started off at the Crown Jewels, where there was no queue, and it gave us the opportunity to look closely at all the jewels many times!  Then we had lunch in the Tower Cafe.  It has just been renovated and I was genuinely surprised by the quality of the food and yummy cakes.  We did the 45min tour led by one of the Beefeaters and he pointed out interested features like Traitors Gate.  The watery entrance where Anne Boleyn was led as a traitor before she was imprisoned, and later executed.

The White Tower had a tremendous armory exhibition.

But the best part was when we were heading to the Tube station and we stumbled on the place, outside the Tower walls, where the executions had been conducted.  There is an elegant War Memorial and right beside is a small stone the traces the exact spot where the scaffold was placed for the executions all those years ago.

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