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Exploring Magnificent Kew Gardens...
By Suzanne Bowles
12 March 2012

Kew Gardens is one of the premier Botanic Gardens and one of the world's most famous.  What I didn't realise is that it was so close to London and so easy to get to; just a quick tube ride from London.  I have never seen anything more beautiful in the world, truly amazing and well worth a visit.  It is so enjoyable to walk around, serene and picturesque.  The original layout and design with so many varieties of flowers, beds and displays.  Some old trees were planted in the 1600’s.  And one tree when it was 73 years old was relocated 20 meters.  I was fascinated reading all the history and relevant information.       

For those who don’t want to walk as far, or those who have children with them, they do offer a trolley train that you can sit in and hear a commentary with a great vantage point. The day I went the weather was warm and we curled up on the grass, under a tree, and had a snooze.  A favourite exhibition was by one artist named Marian North.  Marian is a botanical artist showing her amazing works of art right there in the Kew Gardens. There are glasshouses, with many exotic species of plants from all over the world, and many interesting buildings.  My particular favourite was the royal palace.  Kew Gardens is truly one of the most beautiful places I have visited, there is nothing to compare it with and something for everyone.  I had a truly memorable day out!

It is possible to get their via the tube and is only a 5mins walk from there.  Alternatively, you can ride a ferry boat along the Thames that you will find at Embankment.

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