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It's Show Time...
By Suzanne Bowles
13 March 2012

One way of keeping yourself updated on the weekly events that are on in and around London town is to buy yourself the ‘Time Out’ magazine which comes out weekly. When it comes to the world’s greatest music theatre, it has it all, there is so much choice for people of all ages. And often the price of tickets can be cheaper than seeing a show in Australia.

It is possible to get discount tickets or even half price tickets from HalfTix!  I discovered the HalfTix booth in Trafalgar Square on my first trip to London.  I think it's a great idea to swing by and check out what's on offer on my first day in town and then I can work it into  my schedule.  The board, situated by the booths, lists dozens of shows that are on offer at a discount price for that evenings performance.  Get their early the popular shows sell fast. Not all shows are available but it's a good place to start.    

 Beware of scalpers who may be scanners!  I was seated in a show and the people next to me were forced to move because they had bought bogus tickets from someone on the street. They were sitting in someone else's seats and those people had the legitimate tickets. I felt so sorry for them.  The theatre managers did find them seats up the back. So they did see the show. But it was a valuable lesson and a reminder to always buy from reputable vendors. 

There is a large choice of well-known hit shows to choose from like Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Lion King, The Sound of Music or Wicked. There are comedies, plays, concerts, ballets and operas. We chose to see  ‘Legally Blonde’ which was a great choice. It was bright, fun, quirky and full of life with a number of tunes to get you humming along and in the groove.  Everyone I was with had a great night. It's showing at The Savoy. So after the show you can drop into the newly renovated hotel upstairs. It is stunning, and although the bar prices are steep, it is well worth a visit. You can even do some star spotting. I saw Stella McCartney walking through the main foyer. 

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