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The Land Of Heart And Smiles
By Lisa Evans
23 May 2012

I have visited over 70 countries and this is the first time that I have had an experience where every single local person I met smiled at me. Not just any smile, but a heart-warming wonderful smile that crossed all cultures and language barriers.

Our first visit to Cambodia happened to coincide with Khumer New Year in April, 2012. There was an excitement and buzz about Siem Reap as many people prepared for the three day celebration. Colour plays a wonderful part of this celebration and the streets are filled with specially made colourful decorations. Food brings the celebration and many families together at this special time of year. Lots of families had travelled to Siem Reap to enjoy this celebration together.
Angkor Wat was alive with Cambodians who had come to spend time at this sacred place and celebrate their heritage.

All of this added to our experience of Siem Reap and Cambodia. People are just so friendly and warm. My children made new friends with locals everywhere we went. We stayed in a wonderful boutique style hotel called the Siddharta Hotel. We spent mornings exploring and afternoon’s poolside swimming and relaxing. Our nights were filled with a little shopping and restaurant hopping, enjoying awesome Cambodian food.
My only one complaint would be that our holiday here was not for long enough. I will be back and very soon to explore many more areas of your wonderful country.
Cambodia you have stolen my heart.

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