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All Aboard The Bernina Express
By Gerard Tellam
29 May 2012

Must admit I was very excited as I stepped on board the Bernina Express train I had read and heard so much about.
The panoramic seating provided excellent views as we travelled through the spectacular countryside that at times could be seen as being inaccessible via any other form of transport other than rail. We travelled over high arched bridges and passed through long tunnels only to come out the other side to be greeted by more breathtaking views and scenery. Our views were stunning as we meandered through the Alps, taking in the snow capped mountains and the local villages scattered in clusters amongst the fields and opens spaces that were often surrounded by the tallest and straightest pine trees I have ever seen.
At times we were looking down precipitous slopes into the valleys far below and admired the cloud covered mountains as we journeyed along. At the peak in the Alps we were surrounded by snow capped peaks that had little or no vegetation we were that high in altitude. As we descended it felt like we were travelling from the heavens to reach our final destination of the town of Tirano. The famous loop de loop as we approached Tirano was every bit as exciting as we thought it would be. The train ride was 4 hours long however the time seemed to pass very quickly as we were always admiring the views and awaiting in anticipation for the next captivating one to appear.
WOW, what a train ride! I understand why the route was declared a world heritage site in 2008. Must admit after such a captivating experience I will be looking into train rides for my future travels it was that spectacular!
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