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Time to try 'something different ' in Koh Samui
By Kerrin Trenorden
13 March 2013


Lately I have been overwhelmed with the number of people who tell me that they have been to Thailand several times and it is time to try something different. Something different I ask – like what? Where in Thailand have you been?

The answer is always the same – Phuket! Only Phuket I ask? Yes – Thailand

So I thought it was time that I wrote about my ‘something different’. Still Thailand, still amazing, but another area of this beautiful country that everyone should explore.

My something different is Koh Samui.

Located a short hour flight from Bangkok International airport, Koh Samui is approximately 229km in size and is Thailand’s third biggest Island.

Koh Samui still has the character that you would expect from Thailand however not so much hustle and bustle. You will still have several near misses with scooters while trying to cross the road, be asked several times if you want a suit, massage, t-shirt – anything you can imagine really however it all seems a lot more laid back.

Restaurants still have an array of local and International food (much to my husband delight) and a mass of cheap seafood (much to my delight!), and drink specials are a plenty. The beach where we stayed (Chaweng Regent Beach Resort – www.chawengregent.com) was excellent and visited everyday while I was there. I also noticed a lot more young families while in Koh Samui again confirming its more restful atmosphere.

I have to add to this blog a final note about my husband’s golf adventure at Bophut Hills Golf Club….. He would tell you that the 3 par/9 hole course was a fun however I would tell you that if it was not for his caddy we would have been there all day! I am not sure if you can make out the picture however there is a girl in that bush looking for his ball – to make it worse think this was the first shot! This darling lady earned her tip! Me, I just loved walking around the mountains having a laugh – would have been nicer if we were able to walk in a straight line however. We booked this day trip with the tour guide at the hotel, however you can also book online at http://bophuthillsgolf.com/.

If you are looking for your ‘something different ‘ give Koh Samui a visit – the airport itself with its open air hut terminal and trolley transfers to the plane is worth the plane ride themselves.


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