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Pinch Me, I'm Dreaming...
By Kerrin Trenorden
9 August 2013


Very few people are lucky enough in their lives to have a genuine moment that takes your breath away. I was one of these lucky few thanks to a gentleman who refers to himself as the IMAGINEER at the Sarojin Khao Lak, Thailand.

It went something like this………………………….

Phase one: Make my way from my Garden Residence at the Sarojin after an hour soak in the outdoor bathtub to the private area on the 11km long white sandy beach on the Adaman Sea. Upon arrival a glass of Champagne and additional cocktails were waiting for me.

Phase two: After drinks are finished, I am escorted to the Sarojin’s private car and driven through the forests to an undisclosed venue for dinner.

Phase three: Car door is opened and I am faced with the one and only Imagineer with a huge smile on his face welcoming me to paradise. After my eyes had adjusted I hear a rumbling in the background, the sound of running water, the sound only a waterfall can provide.


Phase four: I am escorted along a jungle path, lined with hundreds of tea light candles all hand lit earlier in the night, as the pull and the sound of the thunderous waterfall draws near. This is actually a tough walk as it is really a jungle path and you need to watch every step you take to ensure you don’t fall down.

Phase five: The moment when you reach the top of the path, look up and around you and all you can see is this……

This is the most amazing waterfall lit up with lights, surrounded by candles with a table nestled into the cliffs around it. The noise is amazing, the scenery breathtaking and the smell of the food coming from the camp kitchen is mouth-watering.

I look up at the Imagineer and he is smiling like the Cheshire cat. He looks at me and said “it still takes my breath away….. When I first saw this waterfall I had dreams about how I could make this happen and what it would look like and it still hits me every time!”

Phase six: Dinner – a three course meal, with accompanying wines while sitting next to the Imagineer talking about his role at the Sarojin. His enthusiasm is contagious, his ideas more outrageous than the last but his love for what he does and what we can create for clients staying at the Sarojin makes speaking with him something I will remember for a lifetime.

So after all of that, what and who is the Imagineer you ask…. Well it is simple! He is at the hotel simply to come up with amazing experiences for their guests. He tells me that there has not been one request that he has not been able to complete and all requests are only limited to the individuals imagination.

For those of you that want to provide a loved one with an experience that you thought was only possible in your dreams, book your stay at the Sarojin and get in contact with the Imagineer. As he said, he is only limited by your imagination!

For details of the The Sarojin Khoa Lak and flights with Thai Airways International to Phuket, contact your local travel agent or visit http://www.sarojin.com/en/ or www.thaiairways.com.au

Note: The opinions expressed here are the personal opinions of the writer. Content published here does not necessarily represent the views and opinions of THAI

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