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Discovering Paris
By Jane Gavan
16 September 2010

As an object designer and maker, Paris is full of stimulation for me. On this trip I am drawn in particular by fashion and its interconnections with art.

The classic Galleries Lafayette department store on the right bank is an example of this rich juxtaposition.

My interest in Fashion is about how materials are chosen, crafted and displayed or worn. It’s the colors and the textures that draw me towards a pair of patterned stockings, or the feel of a soft pink silk shirt.

This wandering that most visitors do in Paris is important, there is so much to discover. I gaze at the ceiling of the Galleries Lafayette; it’s a picture of excess, with so many colors and lines, yet this opulent glass roof is then a backdrop to the latest contemporary designs.

Of course I make a purchase, who wouldn’t in this environment? Even as a humble travelling student I would splash out on a pair of patterned stockings every so often.

Affordable and wearable “luxury and art”, all in one little package.

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Keywords: Feel, opulent, silk, Paris

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