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Ooh La la…
By Jane Gavan
16 September 2010

Where do I begin to tell the story of food in Paris? Ooh La la…

For me, its simply intimate dimly lit Bistros for dinner, wandering the streets looking through store windows at the exquisite cakes and pastries, visiting local neighborhood markets to smell and taste the food brought in from the different regions of France.

On this visit, we are surprised be the number of macaroons we find, these subtlety flavored and delicate colorful sweet treats appear in many windows, the most impressive the tall tower with the warm pastel palette of summer colors.

The markets don’t disappoint with a splendid array of luscious berries, and wonderful mushrooms that are so fresh they wear the earthy soil, straw and grass on their stems.

Nearby we spot an artisan ice-cream maker, its just the thing we need on such a hot and sunny day. These lovely women allow us to taste the colorful and tasty range of flavors. I choose the blood orange sorbet and lemon, tangy and refreshing!

Finally, the bread of Paris, there seems to be more rustic styles than I remember from previous visits, and these are a welcome addition to what can be one of the most classic Parisian experiences, a simple baguette of butter, ham, cheese and cornichons.

I love the way that the French always describe butter as an “ingredient” for their sandwiches!

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