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The Saturday Morning Market
By Jane Gavan
16 September 2010

We are here in Penne, Allan is returning after collecting me from Paris, he has been here already two weeks and is already being described as a “Penniose”. We wake and it’s hot, the average temperature range in this part of France for August is 15-26 degrees. Not sure about that, the car has been registering 35-41 in these last days.
No wonder they spend the afternoons swimming in the Lot river!

Its market day in San Sylvestre, across the river, so we all walk across the little bridge adorned with mixed hanging flowerpots along the rails. (All of France is adorned with flowers in the Summer; I don’t know how they do it!)

One of my favorite places to be is inside a fresh food market, especially in Europe. This market is just the perfect size, one of everything and a few surprises. Helene our host is out in front and I’m not sure of her mission this morning food wise but its clear there are other reasons she is here.

We stop to meet the family who specializes in the other local delicacy besides Les Pruneaux, Fois Gras. They are charming and tell us of their museum on the farm nearby. Helene smiles and tells us they are a nice family.

I observe her nodding and smiling at familiar faces, but mostly, she stops to chat, to almost everyone! Her mother was raised in this little town over the river and she her father was a doctor. Her husband, Jean Pierre was the local pharmacist in Penne, so as you can imagine they are fully connected to the community.
She turned to me and saw me observing these interactions from afar, she says “people come here to the market and exchange news about their lives”, and I thought it was all about the giant paella dishes, the shiny black aubergine and the sausage.
I buy some figs to wrap in Jambon Cru for our entrée that night –Yum

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